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The Tetons Over String Lake

The Tetons Over String Lake

Plein Air Oil on Canvas Panel                16 x 12 Inches                    Sold

It’s truly awesome to stand before these giants and paint them. (Teewinot, Grand Teton and Mount Owen.) The quiet, cool, dry air of String Lake is only occasionally broken by a fragrant breeze blowing through the branches of the lodgepole pines overhead. I love the clarity of these glacier-fed lakes. The fallen trees create interesting compositional patterns in and under the crystal clear waters. If I could only bottle that fresh, crisp mountain air and bring it back to Virginia!

For those of you who are curious about which mountains these are: Due to our position before Teewinot (on the left), it appears to be taller than Grand Teton in the middle (the tallest at 13, 770 ft.)—but that’s just an optical illusion. There’s about a mile between the peaks of Teewinot on the left and Grand Teton in the middle and about a half mile between Grand Teton and Mt. Owen on the right. Were it not for carefully measuring these on a scaled map, I would not believe it! Awesome!