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Pienza From Dionora's Vineyards

Pienza From Dionora's Vineyards

Oil on Canvas                24 x 24 Inches                    Sold

This was a commissioned painting done in the studio recently from the client's digital pic. As I studied his photo, I remembered painting one of my plein air paintings in Italy just outside of Pienza, so I zoomed in on his pic, and out in the distance 4-5 miles from where he stood to take this photo, just below the hill town of Pienza, I could make out the familiar landmarks of the exact spot where I painted "Misty Mountain Vineyard" on-site!

If you look below the steeple just right of the center of the painting, you'll see a distant bluish-band of trees below town, then at the bottom edge of those trees a farm house and a vineyard patch below that -- That's where I painted "Misty Mountain Vineyard" along the bottom, horizontal edge of that vineyard (i.e., facing to the left in this painting). There was a row of 4-6 olive trees on my left as I stood there, then a field to the left of that, which is the distant dirt field below the vineyard. When I enlarged his photo of this view, I could clearly see the small dots which are those olive trees! Click here to see "Misty Morning Vineyard".