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Lee on Monument Avenue - Oil Painting

Lee on Monument Avenue

Plein Air Oil on Linen Panel           11 x 14 Inches                     SOLD

Monument Avenue is one of the most scenic streets in Richmond, Virginia, punctuated with numerous traffic circles containing tall monuments to famous generals and other significant figures in Virginia's history. It's a wide, four-lane artery, originally composed of cobblestones, and divided by a wide grassy, tree-lined median strip favored by joggers, dog walkers, and anyone out for a scenic walk. The avenue is lined on both sides by large historic homes and churches, constructed as far back as the beginning of the twentieth century. Perhaps the most famous of all the monuments is the one painted here as a plein air (on-site) oil of the great southern general Robert E. Lee, beloved by many for his character, integrity, and undying devotion to his home state.

As I was painting this plein air oil on Monument Avenue, an AP photographer walked up and asked to take some shots of me working. The next day I was surprised to learn the photo was used in newspapers in three different states! Click here to see the AP photo.

Here's my own photo of the plein air set-up on Monument Avenue.

Plein Air painting of Lee Monument